I have 2 instances of Jboss running in my server. one for *userapp* (
Jboss1 ) and the other for *customised JSP pages* that we use ( Jboss2
). A wssdk.jar is placed under the lib folder of jboss2 for the
customised pages to make a vdx call. It was working fine.

I then tried to make a vdx call from workflow ( Jboss1 ), It gave a
NoClassDefFound error ( com/novell/soa/ws/..). I found that It was
present in wssdk.jar. So , I placed it in the lib folder of Jboss1.

But now my Application which runs on Jboss2 fails to get vdx stub.

Can I place wssdk.jar in two different instances of jboss?

Thanks in Advance


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