I am getting this rather common problem, from what I can tell. After a
bit of a look on this forum I have found the following link:

The instructions given to solve the problem are:

"Stop JBoss, in MySQL drop the IDM database then recreate it. This will
give you an empty database.

Start JBoss, will reinitialize the tables. If you get any errors after
that attach that server and boot logs. "


UserApp 3.7
JBOSS 5.0.1.GA
Java 1.6._16
Oracle 10g

The above instructions have sadly only resulted in the exact same error
again.. could someone tell me what tables are the problem here, and if
you are manually able to resolve this issue, rather then having to drop
and then re-create all the tables, as that is clearly not happening for
me at the moment.



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