We are at the beginning of standing up User App 3.7 on a new RHEL 5 vm
environment. We have carried out all the pre requisites that are
required, the likes of the RBPM module and installation of both the java
(1.6.0_16) and jboss(5.0.1.GA) as pre-requisites for userapp 3.7.

We have copied both the war and the jar file required for User App 3.7,
and have put these in a seperate subdirectory (under the main install
point for userapp).

After starting up an xming session (/usr/bin/xterm &) to install user
app through the GUI.., the xming session comes up fine, however when
attempting to run the userapp install using the following:

/<apps directory>/<uss install directory>/java/jre/bin/java-jar

we get no response at all.. no java stack traces or anything. It is
like xming is waiting on something to happen.. it just never returns
with a pop up window for the userapp install GUI. very strange.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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