I know the docs only allow UserApp 3.7 for an IDM 3.6.0+ environment.

However, I was wondering if there were any way to make it happen for 3.5.1,
knowing the following requirement:

This User Application would be the only one in the Tree, and we do not need
it for any other purpose than just Password Self-Service (no workflows,

This Tree is our CorpTree (i.e. file and print, not the Vault) and its still
hosted on NetWare 6.5 SP8 for the time being, but we have some user accounts
in this Tree which are purposely not sychronized into the Vault right now.
But we'd like to enable them for web-based password self-service. We have
licensed and placed under mainteance these accounts for IDM already, so
there's no concern in that regard. Plus, since this is not the Vault we have
no need for advanced features like workflow, etc. Only password management.

I am aware of PWM (formerly a Novell Forge project) but it doesn't meet our
needs around natively read+writing to NMAS Challenge/Response, but the IDM
User App does.

Thanks in advance,