Hi, we use Novell Vibe as our Intranet, protected by Novell Access
Manager (NAM)

To access VIBE we go to https://aqcentral.asurequality.com, which NAM
redirects to https://secure.asurequality.com (NAM) for Authentication,
NAM then passes the Credentials to Vibe for seemless login.

When using SSO 7 SP2 the SSO wizard works for the NAM Part, but then
also asks to run the Wizard for Vibe, even though NAM deals with the
VIBE login.

I can click the never ask for this site but it keeps doing it every
time I login or browse to another workspace in Vibe, SSO keeps poping
up, I can't get rid of it, I have disabbled the SSO rule but it does not
work, still asked all the time.

So, How do you correctly setup SSO to Login to Vibe via NAM without
multiple requests


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