Hi All -

I have two picklist questions:

Question 1 -

I have the following code set as the source expression in my Start
function findValues()
var newArray = IDVault.get(IDVault.get(recipient , 'user',
'GroupMembership') , 'group', 'CN');
var parseArray = Array();
var finalArray = Array();
var parseString = String("");
var counter = Number(0);

for (i = 0; i < newArray.length; i++) {

parseString = newArray[i];

parseArray = parseString.split("_");

if (parseArray[0] == "IDM" && parseArray[2] == "HR") {

finalArray[counter] = parseArray[1];
counter = counter + 1;

return finalArray;

What it is meant to do is: Given a list of the recipients Group CN

Its supposed to return back into Target Form Field Group CN, the
number in between IDM and HR if those are in the group names. So
from the example above, its supposed to return back:

Instead I get back a form value of:

"com.novell.soa.script.mozilla.javascript.NativeAr ray"


Question 2:

Version of Product: User Application - IDM Version 3.6.1 Build Revision
28588, Windows Server 2003 - Sandbox environment

What I'm looking for is that say we have a picklist, with the following
- Test User 1
- Test User 2
- Test User 3

Then I have a second picklist, that is populated based on a selected
value from the first pick list. So say the user picks "Test User 1" and
"Test User 3" from the first picklist, so the second picklist will have
the following values:
- Test User 1
- Test User 3

But what I need is ALL the values of the second picklist to be
automatically selected, instead of the user having to reselect it again
in the second picklist. Is there such a function?

I'm open to all help!! Thanks so much in advance.

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