Ok I may be missing the point but here is my situation;

My organization does not have an HR system connected to the IDVault
I do have people listed as managers under the Managers attribute and
managers have people listed under the direct reports. But the isManager
attribute is not used

I have been asked to create 4 workflows to request access to 4 seperate
applications/services (these are not conencted to the IVault via any

One of those request workflows is a request for a cell phone.

I am suppose to be able to request a cell phone. So self service is not
an issue

But if I am suppose to be able to request a cell phone on another user's
behalf I am not sure how it's done

Do I have to give the peron who would be requesting on behalf of others
any special edirectory rights to the ACTIVE user OU?

They are talking about a small group of people doing the requests on
behalf (such as admin assistance in each department) would request on
behaf of the employees in that department

Any suggestions samples, ideas?