I'm trying to use an integration activity to call a SOAP server that
requires X.509 Authentication. I'm using User Application RBPM 3.7 Patch

With SOAP UI, this works like a charm, the client certificate is hosted
in a Java KeyStore or even a PKCS#12 file.

As per the documentation, I've uploaded a Client Certificate, the
corresponding private key in PKCS#8 format and the password (as a
constant w/o quotes) in the Connection tab of the WS Interchange

To make the Certificate, I've used the following OpenSSL command :
openssl pkcs12 -in <my PKCS#12 file> -clcerts -nokeys -out <Then PEM

To make the private key in PKCS#8, I've used the following OpenSSL
commands :
openssl pkcs12 -in <my PKCS#12 file> -nocerts -out <Private Key File>
openssl pkcs8 -in <Private Key File> -topk8 -out <PKCSO FIle> -outform

This seems to be good, as User App does not throw Java exceptions (it
does if the files are not correct).
But ... the WS Interchange does not send it's client certificate during
the SSL handshake when the servers request it (thanks wireshark).
As a result I get a
------ com.sssw.b2b.rt.GNVException: rt007005:Error encountered
executing WSDL Action:;
---> nested java.rmi.RemoteException: HTTP 403 permission
in the user application logs, and on the target application I have a
"Client did not provide a certificate error".

It seems to me that the class
com.sssw.b2b.rt.action.GNVWSDLAction.loadClientCer t, involved in this
operation is not ... working.

Any help / advise is more than wellcome.

PS: I can perfectly work with this SOAP Server with the SOAP Driver ...

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