The ultimate goal is to create a user interface where it is possible to
administrate users (ie. name, password, and other attributes), that
replaces (a subset of) functionality in the User Application. This is to
brand the Gui correctly and also to tailor our specific needs of

This we seek to achive by calling the WebServices in the User
There are several APIs available, so how to choose the right one?

By calling the Role API, and the method GetVersion (which takes no
parameters) on the IRemoteRole interface, we get back
This should prove that we are capable of getting contact with the UA
WebServices and have information returned.

Functionality we need are.
1. Get a list of users by specifying an Organisation-Id
2. Create/modify/Delete a new user under a specific Org-Id
3. Get a list of Roles given the Org-Id
4. Get a list of Rights given the Org-Id

So what we need to get answered are.
Which API(-s) do we call, which interfaces and methods should we use?
And not to forget! How to specify the parameter(-s)?


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