Hi ,
I am trying to create person in Idvault using workflow with logon
id(CN) having some logic.
I am calculating login id in mapping activity with my logic but before
inserting that i need to check if that id already exists? if it exists i
am running a for loop and increamanting the numeric value which is
suffix to login id and then checking again against the idvault using
"var v1 =IDVault.get(dn,'user','Firstname')" function. this is failing
if the ID calculated is not present in idvault. i am checking this with
the help of IF condition as
if(v1 && v1!=null)
then continue for loop and increament flag;

break the for loop and return value;
return calculateId;

I am calculating CN as:
="X-"+(ln.substring(0,4).toUpperCase())+(fn.substring( 0,1).toUpperCase())+"0"+flag.toString();

If i write same function on on load event of request form then it is
working fine but in mapping activity it is failing. i can not write in
request form as there is issue in case of concurrent requests.
Please help me in resolving this issue.
I am using identity manager with version 3.6.1
iManager v 2.7
eDirectory 8.8.5

Thank You in advance,
Sumersingh Rajput

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