I have upgraded my UA to RBPM 3.7. After the migration the users who
were previously assigned the "Role Manager" role, and were able to
browse to their roles and assign / revoke users, can no longer see the
"Roles and Resources" tab.

I have tried with another user to assign either the "Role Manager" or
"Role Administrator" roles, but with neither of these roles does the
"Roles and Resources" tab become available?

I have checked the "Navigation Access Permissions" and can see that the
following roles are correctly set for visibility to the "Roles and
Resources" tab.
-Role Manager
-Role Administrator
-Resource Manager
-Resource Administrator
-Security Administrator

I checked my development environment, and I do not have this problem
there? I have compared settings but cannot see a difference (other than
that the production enviromment is an upgrade and the development is a
clean installation).

Many thanks in advance,
Andrew Whittaker

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