im running idm 3.6.1/3.7 RBP and im trying to implement high
availability for it.

im following this document

'Novell Documentation'

but im getting some errors and i have some questions too.

about the workflow, i will use it, so i have to set up this unique ID
engines right? since its unique, it means each node will have their own?
or i just have to set up a name for the first node and the same for all
others? (i know its a stupid question, but the documents dont say
exactly what they mean by unique engine id)

about the jboss clustering, what exactly do i have to do? i just
installed jboss normally and i named the partition on the start-jboss.sh
file (it already had the engine ID and the -c command there).

about the mysql, i installed it on the first node, on the second one i
didnt, but on the user app installation for it i just put the
ip/port/user from the first node, is this correct?

here are the log files for the second node.

thank you

|Filename: log.zip |
|Download: http://forums.novell.com/attachment....achmentid=3988 |

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