first off, I apologize for posting this thread in two places : both
here, and "*UserApps & Workflows*".

I was not sure exactly where this thread belonged.

The issue I am facing is a rather old one; it concerns the Novell
Identity Manager Work Dashboard.

Simply put : is there any way to *DELETE *old workflows from the
dashboard (Task Notifications) ?

This question has been posed earlier on this forum, but it concerned an
older version of Novell IDM; and the answer given was : "*NO! There is
no way to do this*"

So, I am hoping that, the new version (I am using Novell IDM 4.0) will
have somehow solved this problem.

It is rather cumbersome having ALL previous workflows (tasks) displayed
when the work dashboard is opened.

Is there any way to delete them?? Or, at least, remove them from


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