This may not be the appropriate forum (I may have to ask in the driver

Currently we are using IDM 3.6.1 Non-provisioning UserApp (we may or
may not be able to purchase the provisioning module, I don't control the

So, given my current setup:

Is it possible to have the user click on a "forgotten password" URL and
have it take them to the spot for answering the challenge/response
questions, but NOT let them change their password, but rather, have the
system change it (probably via loopback driver) and then email the
password to the email address attribute on their userid (users don't
know or see their email attribute)?

I know I can have them email a HINT, but we don't want that.

Am I explaining clearly?

Kinda like what most credit card websites do?

If this is only possible with the provisioning version, please let me
know that as well.

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