I am setting up a second User App cluster in the same subnet as an
existing one. All the servers in each cluster are started with the
following parameters passed to run.sh through the start-jboss script

Cluster 1
run.sh -c IDM -b IP_1/2 -Dcom.novell.afw.wf.engine-id=SERVER_1/2
-Djboss.partition.udpGroup= -Djboss.partition.name=Partition_A

Cluster 2
run.sh -c IDM -b IP_3/4 -Dcom.novell.afw.wf.engine-id=SERVER_3/4
-Djboss.partition.udpGroup= -Djboss.partition.name=Partition_B

When logged in to check the Caching information under Administration/
Application configuration, I noticed that GroupID and Cluster Properties
for both instances are the same.

GroupID: c373e901aba5e8ee9966444553544200
Cluster properties UDP(mcast_addr=;mcast_port=45654): etc

GroupID: c373e901aba5e8ee9966444553544200
Cluster Properties: UDP(mcast_addr=;mcast_port=45654): etc

Is the startup configuration overriding these settings in the user app
admin pages? Or do I need to changes those setting to match what I have
in the startup files?

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