We are running RBPM 3.6.1 (patch A) on top of JBOSS / Windows 2003.
The Search from RBPM function is used as an internal people directory
(anonymous search).

Total number of people in the ID Vault is 2900.
If we do a basic search from RBPM with a reasonable criteria, the result is
displayed immediately.
If we do a search that returns 1200 people, it takes 15 seconds or more to
If we do a search that returns all people (*), it takes 45 seconds or more
to complete, and an error is displayed (This portlet did not respond in
time!), but the result list is displayed anyway.

I we use an LDAP client to test the same search in the ID Vault, all
searches complete in under 1 sec.

Now - we do expect some overhead from RBPM, but doesn't this sound a lot?

ID Vault server CPU load is next to nothing during searches.
RBPM server hits 50-70% average CPU load during searches (before results are


Toralf Lote