Hi ,

I recently got a sample code from novell forums to convert zulu time
into simple date string which i found out that it did not work correctly
in IE & 7.0

Here is the sample code:-

function toLocalDate(zStr) {
var year = zStr.substring(0,4);
var month = zStr.substring(4,6);
var date = zStr.substring(6,8);
var hour = zStr.substring(8,10);
var min = zStr.substring(10,12);
var sec = zStr.substring(12,14);
// convert to date
var gmt = new Date(year, month-1, date, hour, min, sec);
// get offset for local timezone in minutes
var offset = (new Date()).getTimezoneOffset();
// get the local date
var myDate=new Date(gmt.getTime() - offset * 60000);
//var setDateTime=form.dateToString(myDate);
return (myDate);

It does not work correctly in IE 7.0 does anybody know to fix this. It
is urgent.

Debaditya Ghosh

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