I got confused with the RBPM 3.7 install guide and have a basic query on
the installation.

We have a RHEL 5 machine which has eDir 8.8.5, Identity Manager 3.6.1
and iManager 2.7. The eDir is on a non-default port.

Now I am installing UserApp on another machine. So to start with, I
have installed JBOSS and have a Oracle database also installed. I am
confused on the next steps! The guide says -
Install RBPM module (which will install Roles Resource driver, User App
driver and eDir Schema). The Note here says "The RBPM installation
program will also fail to execute properly if eDirectory is not running
on the default LDAP ports of 389 and 636. If you are not running on the
default LDAP ports, you will always be told that the schema is not valid
and that you have to run the NrfCaseUpdate utility. To fix this problem,
you need to extend the schema manually, as described in Section 3.4,
“Extending the Schema Manually”.

In Sec 3.4, extending of schema is defined for Windows and SUSE. As I
am using RHEL 5, what should I do? Do I follow whatever is given for

I am done with JBOSS and Oracle Database. So what should be my next
steps in sequence, given that I have to do the schema extension also

Another question I had is if RBPM has to be installed on the SAME
machine as identity manager metadir?

The other question is that we can install UserApp with installation
type as Roles Based Provisioning and according to the install guide,
this installs the RBPM module. So does this mean I can skip the RBMP
(stand alone) installation (as described in my prev query) and move on
to creating user app driver, role & resource driver and then install
User App (install type - RBPM) ?

Appreciate any help on this pls.


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