Hi All,

I created Cutom HTML Button to display a error message once he clicks
on the custom html button. You can find 2 scenario's where i am facing

case 1 : (function () {return "<table> <tr> <td> <input type=\"button\"
name=\"AddAvailGrp\" value=\"Add >>\" onClick= \" *alert();* \"> </td>
</tr></table>";} ) ();

case 2 : (function () {return "<table> <tr> <td> <input type=\"button\"
name=\"AddAvailGrp\" value=\"Add >>\" onClick= \" *alert(\' abc \');*
\"> </td> </tr></table>";} ) ();

in case 1, it is triggering the button and alert box is poping up.
Where as in case 2, the it while rendering the form it is showing error
message in status bar and action is not triggering.

I am actually doing the alert parameter with in the string of onClick

Can anybody explain the second scenario why it is giving the error in
status bar.

Best Regards,
Krishna B

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