it might be a very simple issue, but it drives me crazy as I cannot
locate the problem.
Situation: I have a form field "Fac" Datatype DN, Control Picklist,
which has an onload event to query all objects of a custom class "fac"
and display them. (I have set up a display expression to display the
facname attribute, but for some reason I get always the CN, but anyway
this is a different problem).

Once the user selcets one of the objects from the picklist, this will
trigger an event called "changeFac".

The next field "dep" has this event to initiate a qurey to read all
objects of the custom class dep where the facdn attribute is equal to
the value returned from the field "Fac".

so far so good, easy and many examples can be found. The crazy thing
is, that if I deploy this and test the workflow, I will get an message
"Fac : dep is not defined error running script"

I tried many things but could not really see the mistake.

Here are my scripts, may be somebody gets an idea.

Fac onload script:

IDVault.globalQuery("Fac", "getFaculty")

Fac onchange:


Dep changefak script:

IDVault.globalQuery("Dep", "getDepartment",

I am nearly sure the scripts are ok, because they are simple. I am
afraid the problem is within my logic. The Fac field contains multiple
CN, and I expect to get the one picked in the list into the onchange
event. But I see a problem with onchange, as this is triggered by onload
as well. But normally it shouldn't matter, as I select the correct value
later again...

So may be there is an issue in the dataformats returned by the queries
and the one the event hands over etc...


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