Hi, hope we are all well! Happy new year

We are about to kick of an On Boarding project and we intend to use the
latest Novell User Application (RBPM 3.7). So far I have seen vast
improvements! Good to see.

The Work Dashboard section has a Task Notifications panel, which
displays all requests that have been sent to you or your group(s). That
is all well, except when a team member of your group has claimed an
item. It totally disappears from your list. The only person who can
identify who claimed it is the Initiator/Requestor using the Request
Status panel.

What would be good to have, a must-have for us, is a Team Task view.
You had this feature in the earlier versious of UserApplication. We need
a view of all the requests which have been assigned to a person's
group(s). Is there any consideration for this feature in the upcoming


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