Hello All.

I am trying at the moment to get very basic validation going on several
checkboxes. I have two checkboxes (using the CheckBoxPickList Control)
called "a" and "b".

I am using UA 3.6.1 rather then 3.7

After reading up on both the form API section of the UserApp
documentation, along with several different posts on this forum. I am
still confused about how to do this.

The following post, I found around turning on and off check boxes using
a inline style sheet.


All I really care about here is being able to track if these checkboxes
are checked or not, so that I can drive other events off this.

something along the lines of would be great:

var check1, check2;
form.showMsg("Value of checkbox1 is " + check1)
form.showMsg("Value of checkbox1 is " + check2)

however all the does, is return "undefined" as per the doco at:

'Novell Documentation'

I am obviously missing something really basic here.

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