OK, now I'm ticked. :-)

I have a clustered UA, 3.5.1 patch V in both a LAB and PRODUCTION flavor.

In the lab, I have
-- added an attribute to the User Detail Portlet for VIEWING.
-- added that same attribute to the User Entity, set to Enable,Read,View.
-- Set the trustee of the "this" object at the root of the tree to have
Read/Compare rights, inheritable to the attribute.
-- flushed the cache on the UA

Miracle of Miracles... it works. The attribute is visible to the user, but
to no-one else who might browse the user's profile.

I do the exact same thing in Production.... Nothing.

Are there any other settings, LDAP mappings, etc. that might cause a
perfectly rightful attribute to NOT be visible on the detail portlet?



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