I would appreciate if someone can confirm if this is something that can
be done with RBPM 37.

I have a loopback driver with a multi valued entitlement (values from
application which is essentially names of the application groups defined
in the IDV).
The use case is that a manager, during resource assignment for his team
member should be presented with a selection list (all application group
names in IDV) either like a list or checkboxes against all group names
that he can select and click submit to grant the entitlement to the team
member with the selected values.

In my attempts to get this to work, I can see that when a request form
is defined to allow the manager to make dynamic selection, it displays
the form but with a browse button that shows all the application groups,
however they are like a radio buttons where I can select only one group
at a time. The number of application groups may be dynamic in nature so,
I'm not sure how or if adding more fields in the request form will/can
address the use case.

Any ideas will be very helpful.


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