I´m using IDM 361a and RBPM 3.7a and have a doubt (or problem…):

My users can´t be associated with all roles, only with some specified
in your department. Department perhaps has specific attributes to each
type of user (partner, employee and so on), and these attributes can be
associated to users automatically or not. So, I will have a department
object like this:

DN: cn=department1, ou=departments, o=acme
EmployeeAutomatic: DN to role1
EmployeeAutomatic: DN to role2
EmployeeManual: DN to role3
EmployeeManual: DN to role4
PartnerAutomatic: DN to role5
PartnerAutomatic: DN to role6
PartnerManual: DN to role7

In my workflow form, to an Employee1, I need to use a MVEditor field (I
can assign many roles) but the query should return only role1 to role4,
with description. Can I do this?

Today I manually (via code, of course) populate a PickList with roles,
but this list will grow-up to 700 roles and this is unviable to load all
these roles in the interface.

Thank you,

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