I have a customer that is using the Client Login Extensions in order to
allow users to reach password self-service. On all my test
workstations, this works great. However, once the customer started
deploying it, they have one nagging issue. When a user clicks the link
(from the Novell client GINA), the restricted browser starts up and the
user is prompted with a security warning telling them that it cannot
check the Certificate Revocation List for the cert. The server is using
a standard well-accepted Verisign certificate.

I know there is a setting in IE to enable/disable CRL checking, and it
is disabled. But the restricted browser still brings it up. We have
not been able to figure out why on their standard image this happens but
on all the test machines it does not. I did see a post about 2 years
ago on this issue with no answers. Has anyone else run into this? Is
there some other registry entry that needs to be modified for the
restricted CLE user? If so, what is it? I'm baffled as to find the
difference between the test and production workstations.

Thanks for any tips!


P.S. Any word on a Vista/Windows 7 version??

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