Identity Manager Version 3.7.0 Patch A
Build Revision 35233

I have a simple workflow to terminate a user. Simple flow, pick a user,
pick a reason from a list, submit it to the user's manager for approval,
on approval set a flag on the user object. Drivers do the rest. Works

I added a feature where if the initiator is in the Data Security group,
they get the option for a Hostile Termination (i.e. DO IT RIGHT NOW!!!),
no approval, set the flag upon submittal.

The field is defined as boolean, TrueFalseCheckBox, not visible. In an
onload event, I check the initiator to see if they are in the DS Group,
if so, show the field to give them the Hostile Termination option. That
part works, but when the field shows up, there is no checkbox. I went
back and made the field visible, still no check box. Took out the
onload event, still no checkbox.

Who stole my checkbox?

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