We would like to integrate Search and Detail from RBPM in another portal
(intranet), in order to have a look and feel that the users are familiar
In more details, we would like to provide the following experience:

1. The user should be able to perform a kind of google search on a defined
DAL entity (like a RBPM search for "full name" and "contains" as criteria,
but without having to define the criteria and have the nasty RBPM gui)

The Intranet portal will also show the result list.

2. The user should be able to update some of his own attributes
(RBPM 3.7 SSO should help with the authentication part of this)

I believe there could be different ways to achieve this (REST, WS...), but I
have no developer experience, so it would be nice to have a high level
explanation I could hand over to our developers

Any suggestions that 1) gives a good user experience and 2) is easy to

Toralf Lote