Can someone help with the correct weblogic security settings to use
start-workflow. I need the security settings for weblogic. If I use a
jboss hosted user-app, everything works. When I switch back to
weblogic, the role approvals won't start. My users can login to the
UserApp portal, but the start-workflow user cannot authenticate to start
the workflow. The user is a provisioning admin and if I switch to
jboss, this user can start workflows. I have modified config.xml to
After adding this, I went from getting 401 errors to getting 403
errors. Here is what I see in the weblogic log:

13:50:33,498 INFO [PasswordHelper] [Login_Failure]
CN=idmprov,OU=People,O=org failed to log in.
13:50:33,498 ERROR [JAASManager] Login failed for user:

Message: Unable to start Approval Workflow
Workflow DN:
cn=USCRoleApproval,cn=RequestDefs,cn=AppConfig,cn= UserApplication,cn=Driver
Reason: java.rmi.RemoteException: HTTP 403 Forbidden

I see that the IDMPwdMgmt.war is not deployed. If memory serves, that
has a different function, but I'll mention it just in case.

Install is eDir 8.8.5
IDM 3.6.1
RBAC 3.7.0
Weblogic 10.3

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