Section 2.5 of the docs is a little vague for those of us that aren't
linux gurus:

The Roles Based Provisioning Module and User Application Standard
Edition installation programs require that you use the Java 2 Platform
Standard Edition Development Kit version 1.5. Version 1.6 is not

Set the JAVA_HOME environment variable to point to the JDK* to use with
the User Application. Or, manually specify the path during the User
Application install to override JAVA_HOME.

So, in the past what I've done is get the jdk-1_5_10-linux-i586.bin
from Sun's site directly and install that, but I had to manually put it
into a /usr/java directory (otherwise it just wants to install wherever
you run the .bin file from).

So if I'm using a non-root user to install things, what is the proper
procedure for installing the jdk and should I still be using the 1.5.10

What I've done so far is put it into the /home/userapp (that's the user
I made) directory, but not sure if that will work. In the past I put it
into the /usr/java and then had to monkey with the permissions.


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