What should the return be from a Global Query if it fails to find
anything? I appear to be getting just a comma (",") back when the global
query cannot find anything. This is used to preselect a users value in a
picklist, but somehow the user has a value that does not exist in the

var pickedUser = event.getCustomData();
if (pickedUser != '')
var joeSectionCode = IDVault.get(null, pickedUser,
var joeSection = IDVault.globalQuery(null, "gSC",
form.alert("Section Code DN: " + joeSection);
if (joeSection != '')
form.showError("User has invalid Section Code");

pickedUser is the result of a DNQuery field, which fires this event in
onChange. The alert popup shows the DN value to be a single comma, as
does the error message that comes from field.select

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