I'm trying to iterate through an array of SoD DNs and extract the
roleDNs for comparison to some known values. The code is as follows

var sods = form.getAllValues("sods")[0] // get sods into an array
for ( j=0; j<sods.length; j++ ) { // check every SoD
var role1 = RoleVault.getSodInfo(sods[j], 'en').getRole1Dn()
var role2 = RoleVault.getSodInfo(sods[j], 'en').getRole2Dn()

The code fails with an ['Object Error'] - some investigation has shown
that for some reason the getSodInfo call is returning a null value
instead of a valid sodbean. I have checked that sods[j] contains a valid
DN for the single test SoD object that I have in the directory. I can't
work out why it won't return a bean for that SoD. Is there some DAL
configuration I am missing? I've added the nrfSoD class with CN and
nrfRoles attributes incase these were required. Other than that I am


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