Finally my 3.61 system is upgraded to 3.7.
Many of my issues was due to a faulty media and some others to rights
and my inability to understand the documentation.

Just some notes for others that may stumble, they are by no means
complete and may have errors but did work for me.

First of all verify your media and not only the md5 of the downloaded
iso but also again if it is copied somewhere else and if it i burned to
Another verify if you suspect something is wrong is to open the .jar
files wit a utility such as winzip, can it be opened and extracted
successfully, and can the .zip inside it be opened and extracted.

Read through the whole install manual, not only the migration part.
The migration part is mostly a document that references to selectad
parts of the install manual and while it is correct it surely helps your
understanding of what will happen if you read the whole manual.

If you are running eDir on windows the schema update ( at least for me
) had to be run as a local admin because the eDir restarts as that user
for the schema extension and needs those rights.

Remember to delete and recreate the Role Service Driver.

You have to fully re-install using the supported versions of
software for the Application Server (in my case Jboss).

Remember to have the User Application driver stopped when starting the
User Application the first time.

Right now I'm a happy camper because it works and looks good, now off
to real testing.

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