I am setting up a tree where the uniqueID attribute will have a
different value from the cn attribute in the dn. In other words each
entry will look like this

Dn: cn=123456789,ou=users,o=org
uniqueID: john.doe

This tree will be used for an e-mail system where users will
authenticate using their uniqueID which will match the first part of
their e-mail address. As part of that system I also have an instance of
the user application in standard mode.

After I put everything together, I noticed that in order for a user to
login into the user application he/she must use the value of cn. What
can I change so the attribute used is uniqueID? We need that cn value
for our helpdesk, as part of identification during a helpdesk call.
Besides that number will match our ERP system.

I have been looking at both the admin and design guide, but I cannot
find anything pertaining to that.

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