In the process of upgrading to 3.7 from 3.61 one of the first things is
to run the /root/idm/jre/bin/java -jar NrfCaseUpdate.jar -v command.

I'm on Windows so for me it is D:\Novell\nds\jre\bin\java -jar
NrfCaseUpdate.jar -v

The problem I get is with the name of mu User app that is:
cn=UserApplication Office,ou=IDV-DriverSet,ou=res,o=Corp

The program simply will not find it and I suspect it's because it has a
space in the name. Tried to have it inclosed as "cn=UserApplication
Office,ou=IDV-DriverSet,ou=res,o=Corp" and tried to escape the space
with a leading \ but without luck.

Is it safe to rename the driver? or do you have any other suggestions ?

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