I am trying to do a getURL call much like shon did in a previous post
however I need to pass through Basic Authentication parameters in order
to authenticate to the web service.
I keep getting HTTP 401 errors and wondered if anyone has any ideas on
this as I am still getting HTTP 401 errors with the below code. The url
is in a global variable that I pass into the ECMA call and the url is
https://<site name>?<the base 64 encryption or usernameassword>
function urlGet(urlString) {

try {
var charset="UTF-8";
var param1 = java.net.URLEncoder.encode("IdentityMgmt", "UTF-8");
var param2 = java.net.URLEncoder.encode("6Cjdc3Wd", "UTF-8");
var query = ("username=%s&password=%s", param1, param2);

var url = new java.net.URL(String(urlString));
stream.setRequestProperty("Authorization", "Basic " +
var stream = url.openStream();
var reader = new java.io.InputStreamReader(stream);
var sb = new java.lang.StringBuilder();
var c;
while ((c = reader.read()) != -1) {
return sb.toString();
} catch(e) {
return e.toString();

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