Novell Identity Manager 3.5.1
Novell USer Application Provisioning module.


I hope someone can help here with some solution that i'm looking for.

I have control on the form:

Control : PickList = Type = DN

Properties of Control:

Event : "GetPeople"
Entity Key : Person
Display Expression : Name EmployeeNumber

Event "GetPeople" on this control is fired from the another control
(City) on the onLoad() event.

Event "GetPeople":



IDVault.globalQuery("All_Prople_List", "q_GetPeopleByCountryAndCity",
{"Country":form.getValue("Country"),"City" tValue("city")})

var SinglePeopleDNValueFromHiddenVar =

if (SinglePeopleDNValueFromHiddenVar.length >0){
[People_NAME_HIDDEN_VAL], true);





I want to preselect a "People" in the PickList based on the DN value I
get from a hidden feild.

I have checked the values exists, but my PickList neven shows the
person selected on the Long List. I have tried different things
", field.focus, but none of them works at all"..

I hope someone has solution to this task out there?


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