I'm going to upgrade an old gw driver.
IDM 3.6.1 is installed on an OES2 box and the present gw driver is
running on an Netware 6.5 server with IDM 3.0.1.

They will be upgrading GW to GW8 running on NW 6.5 and that is where my
problems start.

I thought I could install a RL on the NW box but that is apparently not
According to the 'documentation'
I have to run GW on Linux or run the RL on Windows.

From the doc: "Having the driver connect to a GroupWise domain database
on NFS, or any other type of mounted file system, is not supported. For
example, the GroupWise driver running on Linux can not connect to a
domain database on another server through a mounted file system; or the
GroupWise driver running on any server can not connect to a domain
database on a remote Linux server."

While on windows:"When the driver is installed on a Windows server and
the GroupWise domain database resides on a remote Windows/NetWare server
(Option 2 in Figure 2-1), you must install the Novell Client™ 4.9 or
later on the driver’s server."

Why can't I install the Novell client on Linux to get the same
functionality ?

I don't like to be forced to install Windows!
If it was up to me I would run GW on Linux but that is not my decision.

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