When we first deployed UserApp 3.5.1 a couple of years ago, we had it
set up on a development server and then ran the portal data export
process to import the configuration into the production server.

Everything came out right with the exception of some kink with the
header portlet. Although some of the header tabs were set to "hidden",
they were still showing when users logged in. No matter what I did, I
could not hide them. I ended up reinstalling UserApp and reconfiguring
it from scratch.

This evening, I needed to set up a proof of concept based on our
production UserApp 3.6.1 (Standard), so I exported the portal data and
imported into a development server. Interestingly I got the same issue
with those header tabs flagged as hidden but still showing up when users
log in.

The driver on the development server is also an export from our
production server.

One thing I noticed this time is that the other tabs (Request &
Approvals, Roles and Compliance) only show when I click Identity
Self-Service. While on Identity Self-Service, if I click on Roles, I go
to the page about Roles, but the only tab that shows is Identity
Self-Service. The same applies to the other 2 tabs.

Is this just a case of corrupted data? Twice in row (despite the number
of years between them)? All the other settings look right to me.

Any thoughts on that?

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