I've followed the instructions on the forums here which allow you to add the
Password to the DAL, therefore allowing you to set the password within a

In my test environment, doing LDAP queries against an OES2 server, this
worked perfectly fine.
In my live environment, doing LDAP queries against a SLES10SP2 & eDirectory
8.8.5 server, it's not working.

I've double-checked the process and re-done it a few times, but it doesn't
appear to be working.
I've also flushed the cache more than once after each deployment and

I'm still getting this error:

Error Message: Invalid Attribute: [userPassword] detected.

Could this have something to do with a difference in assigned classes
(normal eDir vs OES2's eDir) on the User object or LDAP mappings? Can anyone
assist with avenues to troubleshoot?

FYI - I have a DStrace open, monitoring the LDAP queries. I see queries but
never see an attempt to set the password.