I want add support for Hebrew localization in UserApplication.
This is the steps I did so far:
1 ) Add Hebrew Locale ( he-IL ) using IDM Designer ( configure >
Locales > Add locale )
2 ) copy the file UserAppStrings_en.jar from the l10n-resources
directory to a temporary directory .
3 ) Extract the UserAppStrings_en.jar file using the jar command.
4 ) Find and replace the strings I needed to translate to Hebrew in the
properties files.
5 ) I renamed all the properties files (including those I didnít need
to translate) to match my new locale. For example the file
ForgotPwdRsrc_en.properties has renamed to
ForgotPwdRsrc_he-IL.properties .
6 ) from all the renamed files I created new UserAppStrings_he-IL.jar
file ( using jar command )
7 ) Copy the IDMProv.war to a temporary directory .
8 ) Extract The IDMProv.war using jar command .
9 ) Add the new UserAppStrings_he-IL.jar file to WEB-INF/lib directory

10 re-created the IDMProv.war ( using jar ) and re-deploy it ( didnít
see any warning message during the deploy )
Now, when I logged in to UserApplication and changed my preferred
locale to Hebrew I expected to see the translated web interface , but
it remains in English .
What am I doing wrong ? what other/different step should I take ?


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