here is my scenario :
- I create a group in UserApplication with accentuated letters in the
ID (CN) like
- Creation works fine, eDir shows a beautiful group with the in the
CN. Great.
- I go on the Directory Search page and look for groups. The newly
created group is shown in the list.
- when I click on it to see details two cases:
-- UserApp runs on JBoss App server : everything's fine, I see the
group and its details
-- UserApp runs on IBM Websphere : I get a red "The specified group
does not exist. Please refresh your search and try again."

other facts
- on dev environment I have both JBoss and WAS pointing to the same
eDir/UserApp driver. problem occurs only wghen accessing through WAS
- on UAT environment I only have WAS, and the problem occurs
- Firefox and IE behave the same
- groups created with no accents are fine
- groups created with accents and renamed through LDAP with no accents
are fine

Did someone already saw such a thing?
Is there some configuration in WAS to handle accentuated characters


NB : I suspect an encoding (ISO/UTF8) setting somewhere but I can't
find how to look at the source because this is so full of JS everywhere
I'm lost.

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