Question: Why do I *NOT* see the DAL entity *"Cards" *in my query in
userapp result set when I query the *USER*-Entity attributes and the
CARDS-Entity attributes ?

I have a simple work flow utilizing the default user-entity and I have
a newly created object class named "Cards" in the vault and the same
entity named "Cards" in the designer 3.02 DAL views.

I can add or modify the "User" class from my workflow .i.e FirstName ,
LastName. The attributes are updated in the vault when I go iManger2.7
to view the object class.. New user is there. But, If I query using the
global list or DnLookup I can find the user,,,,However, here is the
problem. I want to update a value in the "Cards" entity- change a value
from "A" active or "D" disabled for physical access access control, I
can not see the entity attributes I selected in my DAL query of
cards--like CardStatus or ExpirationDate

Any advice or tricks when searching and using two entities in workflows
like "User" and "Cards"

Any ideas

Thanks you

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