I have a wf where I want to populate the fields with the attributes
from eDir vault.

Once again I stumble on the time/date issue.

What want to do is read the loginActivationTime ( and
logingExpirationTime) and display it as a readable format.

Here is what I do in an onchange event where the user has choosen a
user object from the vault.

var sdate = IDVault.get(null, consultant, "active_consultant",
var sd = form.StringToDate(sdate, true);
form.showMsg('Start date string is: ' +sdate);
form.showMsg('Start date date is: ' +sd);
form.setValues('startdate', sd);

where active_consultant is the entity and loginActivationTime is
defined as string.
sdate returns 20090812000000Z

But when using form.StringToDate I get a popup error in
JUICE.UICtrlIDMUtil:returnFromOS saying form.StringToDate is not a

Just for the sake of it I also tried with form.DateToString with the
same result.

Any ideas What could be wrong?

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