We've never seen that kind of trouble before and i'm wondering how this
can happen.
Here is the issue:

We have a workflow with an approval task.
The addressee of the approval task depends on the recipient of this

We start the workflow, filling in the request form, then clicking the
Submit button.
The workflow goes on the approval task. The addressees are notified
which is fine and means that the task found the proper addressees.
The trouble is that if we log in with an addressee, his tasklist is
empty. If we click the link in the mail notification, it forwards us on
a page saying that either the task is already claimed or already done,
but no one has used it.

I'll double check it tomorrow morning when i'll go to customer's
office, but there isn't timeout on the task, so the task cannot
disappear itself.

One detail which could be important is the fact that we have a large
workflow instances which are pending. But this fact doesn't bother
others workflows, but maybe this one ?...
Moreover, i would like to be able to see the status of the workflow
instance in the workflow engine, using iManager - Workflow
The trouble is that i only see 1000 instances (there is a lot more
instances than 1000), and the one that i'm looking for isn't in the
list. (How can i increase the number of instances displayed?)

How could i proceed to find the status of the instance?
In the trace/log of UserApp, i cannot see anything besides normal
process when i follow the steps of my instance. No error messages.

Hoping you can help me.
Thank you.


UserApplication 3.6.1 RBPM
Patch Version 28588
Running on Jboss and based on Oracle 9i instance.

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