I'm working on a org chart with custom entities.

I use a custom relation Organization - Organization which must display
all sub-organization which belong to the selected organization.

My relationship is something like this:
Source Entity : Search Org Target Entity : Search Org
Source Attribute : This entity's key Target Attribute : orgDn

The Search Org entity contains the following attributes :
orgDn : dn of the parent organization
displayName : display name of the organization

It works well but, the org chart tries to display users who belongs to
the selected organization too.

I have a custom entity named Search User which contains the following
attributes :
orgDN : dn of the user's Organization

Is there any problem with my relation ?
Is that because the Search Org entity and the Search User entity have
the same attribute with the same key (orgDN) ?

Version :
UserApp : 3.6.1 patch B
Designer : 3.0.1

Thank you

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