We are facing problem with Date and Time zone when my server is running
in the Pheonix, AZ (USA) (GMT -7:00) and my provisioning request
(workflow) is running in the browser window in India. (GMT +5:30). One
form's field is DateTimePicker;

In India Browser window Date and Time is: 7:26 PM 7th July 2009
Phoenix time will be 6:56 AM 7th July 2009

I run the provisioning request in India and set the form field value in
that DateTimePicker - 7:26 PM 7th July 2009

When I get the value form the form field using form.getValue
(“fieldname”), it gives the value in the MST format (phoenix format).
But when I create Date object on java script on workflow, it gives the
value in the IST format (Indian time format). Please find attached
sheet of code written in java script and corresponding alert messages.
I am worried why it is giving different format in form.getValue
(“fieldname”) and during create date object. Please suggest, how to
handle this thing.


|Filename: DateTimZoneProblem.zip |
|Download: http://forums.novell.com/attachment....achmentid=3129 |

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