I'm parsing a list of all DNs for groups to which a user is a member. I
plan to build an array of DNs that have the 'nrfRoleCategoryKey' equal
to several parameters. Rather than hardcode the parameters in the form
I wanted to utilize a DAL Entity whose filter contains those parameters
(this same entity is used elsewhere in the form so I'd like to reuse

Theoretically I should be able to use "roleCategory = IDVault.Get(null,
roleDN, entity-name, 'nrfRoleCategoryKey')" to return the category of
the 'roleDN', but if the nrfRoleCategoryKey of the 'roleDN' is NOT in
the Entity's filter list it shouldn't return anything, correct? It is
and I can't figure out why. I'd like to avoid a query if possible; I
prefer to reuse what's already there.

So, to recap:
- 'entity-name' is a DAL Entity which has a filter on it to only
return objects with the nrfRoleCategoryKey of 'email-distribution-list'
OR 'app-distribution-list'

- 'roleDN' is a role whose nrfRoleCategoryKey is ANYTHING OTHER than
'email-distribution-list' OR 'app-distribution-list'; lets call its
nrfRoleCategoryKey = 'bob'.

- if I use "IDVault.Get(null, roleDN, entity-name,
'nrfRoleCategoryKey')" I would think it SHOULDN'T return anything
because the DAL Entity shouldn't retrieve anything with the
nrfRoleCategoryKey of 'bob'..... but it is.

Can you please help? I've searched the forums high and low .

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