I am working with tech support on an issue in which they wanted me to
back off Patch W to see if it fixed my problem or not. When it did not,
I proceeded to take the backup IDM.war file, with Patch W, and put it
back into place.

UserApp: 3.5.1 Patch W Linux
eDirectory: 8.8.2
nmas: 3.2.1

However, now when I try to start the userapp, I get this entry in

FATAL [com.sssw.fw.directory.api.EboDirectoryFactory:<cli nit>] The
admin user cn=admin,o=KUHAIV could not be authenticated against
authority ldap:// Please check/change the admin
com.sssw.fw.directory.api.EboInvalidCredentialsExc eption:
javax.naming.AuthenticationException: [LDAP: error code 49 - NDS error:
failed authentication (-669)]

and corresponding errors in edir trace of ldap+auth:

09:52:19 B6E01BA0 00000000 FFFFFFFF -1 LDAP:
( Bind name:cn=admin,o=KUHAIV,
version:3, authentication:simple
09:52:19 B6E01BA0 FFFFFFAA 00008041 0 Auth: [00008043]
<.admin.KUHAIV.KUHAIDV-TEST.> EmuVerifyPassword returned error OS error
of some sort (-255), conn: 41
09:52:19 B6E01BA0 FFFFFFAA 00008041 0 Auth: [00008043]
<.admin.KUHAIV.KUHAIDV-TEST.> DCSimplePasswordVerifyEx returned error
-1642 (0xfffff996), conn: 41
09:52:19 B6E01BA0 FFFFFFAA 00008041 0 Auth: [00008043]
<.admin.KUHAIV.KUHAIDV-TEST.> LocalLoginRequest. Error failed
authentication (-669), conn: 41.

I get these same errors whenever I run configupdate.sh as well.

I can authenticate as admin to imanager, iMonitor, etc just fine, so it
isn't a password issue unless admin password is recorded inside userapp
somewhere differently ??

In configupdate (as user usrappadmn) I can specify admin/password and
browse eDir object selection successfully. However, when hitting OK...
I get the errors again in server.log and dstrace (attached)

Seems like admin account works for some things, but is failing for
userapp startup.

What else should I look at / do to go further in resolving this?


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