Hello All,

In a 2 step approval workflow, we want to effect 1st step user
approvals in Novell User Application without the approver requiring to
login to the NUA

Visualize the flow as something like this,

1. User record synced from HRDB into e-directory IDV
2. A workflow is triggered , generating a email request to the 1st
3. 1st Approver receives an email with 2 links - 1st link for YES ,
approval, 2nd link for NO, not approved.
4. Clicking the approval link, triggers an email to the 2nd approver ,
administrator, who then logs-in to NUA and peruses the NHF for
the user and completing the request wofkflow
5. Clicking on the not approved llink will update the record with
status in
e-directory IDV.
6. A sync process updates the status from IDV to HRDB.

Is step 3 possible at all with Novell IDM. Let me know.

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